Blended FamilY Support

In today’s world more and more people are bringing children from their previous relationships into new relationships. With that comes many unique dynamics, the role of the step parent, the dynamic between the two partners, between the children themselves as well as the dynamic with the other birth parent. The surface of replacement fears can impact your interactions with those within your family, as well as how you view yourself. 

Counselling can help you and your family deal with these dynamics by working through strategies, dialoguing, bringing recognition to the best solutions for your family system as well as being an impartial ear to hear.

Marriage Guidance

Many people enter into marriage thinking it will be easy. Though it can be wonderful and joyous, it also is hard work. After the honeymoon phase, many couples find themselves saying what are we going to do?

Counselling can be both a preventative process as well as a restorative process where both parties are about to navigate through their concerns and issues before they become destructive. It is also a place that couples can rebuild their relationships if there had been prior destruction. 


Divorce is becoming a common thing in today’s world and can be a very difficult thing for families to go through. There are many effects that impact a family, decisions, timing, and feelings. These impact everyone within the family unit, as well as those outside of it. The reality is, when you bring and build your life around being unified to another person, separating is a messy and hurtful process to work through.

Counselling can help you process feelings that come with life transition and doubt. It is an unbiased place to process the change in your family and can be something solid when things are shaking around you.