Individual counselling support

Individual Sessions

Krause Counselling Services spends most of their time in one-on-one sessions. In this setting the counsellor hears individuals and tackles the concerning issues in a practical and supportive manner. It is in this dedicated space, that many individuals find hope, feel heard and comfortable exploring the root of their difficulties.

coffee sessions

Two or more

Sometimes our struggles are not just individual, in fact many times our decisions affect others. Krause Counselling Services has been working with couples and families for decades and is skilled at creating a neutral environment where people feel comfortable being vulnerable and working on positive change together.

group seminars


Jason from Krause Counselling Services is a gifted communicator and has given various training seminars over the years. Many of his insights come from his own front-line experience working in high-stress environments, and are communicated in an engaging way to promote well-being and alleviate burnout.

Jason Krause is experienced working with children, teenagers, adults and seniors

Clients often Seek GUIDANCE for the following

Individual Sessions 

Chronic Pain & Illness

Fear & Anxiety

Loneliness & Isolation

Body Image Issues


Fear of Failure

Grief & Loss

Life Transitions


Self-Esteem & Self-worth

Anger Management

Two or more

Parenting & Co-parenting

Marriage & Blended Families


Relationship Difficulties 

Marriage Preparation 


Group Seminars

Trauma Informed Care

Mental Health Sensitivity

Stress Management & Coping

Front-Line Support

Jason Krause Counselor

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Are you wanting to learn more about mental health? Visit Jason’s blog to gain insight on the many topics listed above.