“If you are looking for a counsellor to explore ‘how that makes you feel’, Jason may not be your guy. However, if you are looking for a counsellor that will truly hear you and give you practical tools to work through what is going on in your life, he is definitely your guy. In a non-judgmental and caring way, he has helped me work through so many things - including things I did not even know were issues. I am so grateful for the safe space he creates that has allowed me to grow closer in love and joy in my relationships with family, friends, God, and myself. I highly recommend booking an appointment!”
— R

“On and off over the last 20 years our family has received counsel from Jason Krause for a variety of issues. He has always been professional and at the same time loving and caring in his approach to our family issues. He has a great sense of humor, is wise and listens well, while at the same time shedding light onto dark areas of our lives. I can be totally honest with him and trust him to keep things confidential. I highly recommend Jason Krause for your counselling needs!”
— K

“With Jason’s insight and guidance, I am rebuilding my life with integrity and balance. I see my relationships flourish, new passions discovered and day to day life more meaningful as a result of the council he provides me.”
— M

“I have been seeing Jason Krause for counselling services for many years... When I look back to the person I was and the person I am today, I am pleased to see that I have better self esteem and understand that my voice matters. Life is complicated and we all need a safe space to sort it out. Jason is a warm hearted, compassionate person who has a gift for listening and getting to the heart of the issue. I highly recommend him and I have 100% become an advocate for counselling and therapy as a result of my own journey.”
— S

“As a seasoned counsellor, Jason Krause brings a wealth of experience to individual, relationship, and family issues. Jason thoughtfully blends professional training and informed insights into a meaningful counselling experience for those interested in personal growth and change. Along with his warm and welcoming personality, Jason is skilled at putting clients at ease while navigating the counseling process. If you are looking for a safe, caring, and confidential counseling professional, I recommend Jason Krause as a viable and effective resource for your consideration.”
— Dr. M (PHD)

“As a pastor I care deeply about the people in our congregation and want to be there to support them. At times issues arise that require more indepth counselling and I need to refer them to an individual qualified in clinical counselling.

Over the past seven years I have confidently referred individuals to Jason Krause, whom I believe to be a personable and highly competent counsellor, who provides professional therapy from a Christian perspective.”
— Rev. T