Trauma Informed Care

Trauma informed care consists of knowing what trauma is, and recognizing when people have experienced trauma, and processing it or acknowledging this when supporting those around you. Practicing trauma informed care within the workplace can mitigate the cycle that trauma can cause, because wounded people wound people and acknowledging someones hurt can help find solutions for health and wellness.

Front - Line Support

Front-line staff deal with many crisis and emotional situations. Guiding staff through self-care practices, how to set healthy boundaries and even PTSD support can add value and sustainability to your staff and the work they do.

Stress management / Coping

Workplaces and other group settings can benefit from stress management seminars. A key to stress management is learning what tasks and outcomes are your responsibility and which tasks and outcomes are not your responsibility. There are many tips, strategies and scenarios that can be a part of your next group seminar to enhance the mental health of your group environment.